Why CorbyShutters

Shutters have always been seen as a luxury product, this is due to being seen in high-end design magazines, interior designer showrooms and boutique hotels. However, shutters actually provide excellent long-term value. Homeowners now realise that they are more affordable than they appear and have many value-added benefits.

It may feel like curtains or blinds offer a ‘value’ option, but after years of wear and tear nothing stands the test of time like beautiful plantation shutters. With our 3 year guarantee year-after-year you can be confident in the quality of your shutters. Long after fabrics would bleach, or blinds could warp, shutters will be providing you with value and peace of mind. Furthermore, shutters add value to your home. As a fixture, shutters are sold with a home and not only can they add £ to your asking price, they also attract buyers, with estate agents saying ‘homebuyers just love the clean lines and bright feel of a room with shutters.’