Top shutter buying tips to save you time and money

1, shutters are a investment and good quality shutters supplied and installed by a reputable company will pay divideds in the long run

2,With the average cost of a job being around £1700 for a few good sized shutters it doesn’t take a genius to work out it will be carried out by a company that is vat registered due  to currant vat threshold,any company that is not would have to be only be fitting less than 1 job per week which of course is not a proper company,,, avoid

3,Hand written quotes with very little detail and no vat number,,,avoid 

Make sure all the small details you discussed on the survey are written down on quote and is done so in a way you fully understand 

4,Companies trying to sell to you over the phone wether hard sell or not is not only lazy but definitely not in your interest , see and feel the product in the comfort of your home and make sure you have been shown all options available 

5, Remember the cheapest or the dearest is not always the best option for you, make your choice based on a knowledgeable survey given to you and quality of shutters offered

6,make sure you are shown physical samples of Louvre sizes to show how this affects light and also how the shutters open to clean your windows etc

7, shutters should of course look great from the inside but remember looking great from the outside Is just as important, this should be explained in detail to you as part of survey

8, finally don’t be frightened to ask those what you might think are silly questions, ask the sales person ‘’can you and do you fit shutters’’ it is shocking there are people going around selling yet clueless as how to install a shutter yet expect you to buy shutters off them when they have such little knowledge. survey day is the time to ask as it’s to late once ordered